Ledger Live App gitbook

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  1. Recovery Seed: When setting up a Ledger hardware wallet, users are provided with a recovery seed, which is a list of 24 randomly generated words. This seed serves as a backup that can be used to recover funds in case the hardware wallet is lost, stolen, or damaged.

  2. Passphrase Support: Ledger Live supports the use of an additional passphrase, also known as a 25th word, which provides extra security. This passphrase acts as a second layer of protection on top of the recovery seed.

  3. Secure Element: Ledger hardware wallets are equipped with a secure element chip, which is a dedicated microcontroller designed to securely store and execute sensitive operations such as cryptographic key generation and signing.

  4. Regular Updates: Ledger Live regularly releases software updates to address any security vulnerabilities and improve overall security measures.

  5. Security Features: Ledger Live includes various security features such as anti-phishing mechanisms to help users avoid scams and phishing attempts.

By incorporating these security measures, Ledger Live aims to provide users with a robust and reliable platform for managing their cryptocurrency assets securely.

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